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Dr. Sam Osmangich, der Entdecker der Pyramiden in Bosnien.

Ein  Pionier ist zweifellos der bosnische, jetzt in Amerika lebende Unternehmer Dr. Semir „Sam“ Osmanagic. Er entdeckte 2005 die größten und ältesten Pyramiden – in Bosnien! Derzeit eines der heißesten wie umstrittensten Themen in der Archäologie. Muss die Geschichte neu geschrieben werden? Mehrere dieser Pyramiden stehen 28 Kilometer nordwestlich von Sarajewo, verbunden durch ein Tunnelsystem. Kontinuierlich strahlen diese Bauwerke eine feinenergetische Schwingung in die Umgebung ab, für Osmanagich sind sie deswegen „Energiemaschinen, die seit 29 000 Jahren arbeiten“.



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Jock Doubleday – An American in Bosnia
Director for Publishing Foundation and Pyramids – 2011
I traveled to Visoko, Bosnia for the first time in the summer of 2011 to see the Bosnian Pyramid Complex. Now, in the summer of 2014, I’ve returned to Bosnia to videotape and photograph the pyramids, the tunnels, the scientists, the volunteers, the artefacts, and the excavation process.



…Reflection of the New Jerusalem? – Section IV,

Part 31 – the Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon

 By Doug Krieger

Endless controversy surrounds the discovery of the “Valley of the Pyramids” near Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina near the picturesque old town of Visoko due ten-miles north of Sarajevo.  The Fojnica Stream and Bosnia River flow through this mysterious, recently-discovered (AD 2005) triangle of massive would-be pyramids approximating BC 3000-2500 (as archaeological “discovery” continues amidst a swirl of skepticism, jealousy, nationalistic pride and scientific research – let alone a rich source of Sacred Geometry…as this author shall relate).

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (the “crown jewel” of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids) is the first European pyramid to be discovered.  It has all the essential elements of a pyramid, including four perfectly shaped slopes (with an extravagant one-fourth of a mile causeway leading up to the pyramid’s plateau) and it’s perfectly oriented to the cardinal sides of the world (North-South; East-West with its north side oriented to Stellar North) likewise, it has a top that is flat (the plateau) and an elaborate entrance complex.  It bears a striking resemblance to the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán, Mexico – a subject this author has extensively discussed (See here) and is aptly entitled the Pyramid of the Sun…moreover, as its dimensions are disclosed it will more than match her entitlement (containing those measurements which resemble those of Earth’s Sun); after all, her earthly GPS/Google Maps coordinates on precisely her northeastern base corner are Latitude N 43.98, Longitude E 18.18; this gives us a “digit sum” of “24” (Latitude) and “36” (Longitude) – therefore, 24 * 36 = 864 which “864” is the fractal/resemblance of the diameter of Earth’s Sun at 864,000 miles.  Thus, aptly entitled is this:  The Pyramid of the Sun.

The main triangulation created with the nearby peaks of the other two would-be pyramids – the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Dragon (all within the “Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids”) – clearly has in mind Teotihuacán’s other major attractions:  The Pyramid of the Moon and the Temple of the Feathered Serpent (juxtaposed to the Pyramid of the Dragon in the Bosnian complex).

Dr. of Science, Semir (Sam) Osmanagic, a Bosnian American archaeologist and currently attached to the American University, Bosnia, has led the charge – and “charge” is definitely the operative word here – in exclaiming this astounding revelation found precisely 1,200 Statute Miles from the Great Pyramid of Giza.

There is more than sufficient criticism accumulating around “Dr. Sam’s” persistence (as a hoax, fabrication, non-scientific charade, ad nausea, ad infinitum) – then again, why wouldn’t the Egyptian guru of the pyramids of Egypt (Zahi Hawass, secretary general of the Egyptian supreme Council of Antiquities and survivor of the Egyptian Arab Spring) label Dr. Sam’s pyramid discoveries “pseudo archaeology” – especially, when billions of tourist dollars are possibly at stake?

The authenticity of Dr. Sam’s discoveries, though disconcerting to some, are, nevertheless, rapidly approaching a critical mass of acceptance in the “professional community” to the extent that credible sources continue to fund the endeavor.  May I be so bold to acclaim it akin to the Bakken oil fields of the Northern Rockies (North Dakota/Montana).  Oil was discovered there in 1951.  Trying to get investment dollars to create limited partnerships for drilling operations was long on promise and short on reality; and, for a while it was all hype until technologies caught up with the “boom.”  Now, estimates of 24 billion barrels is a common figure thrown about and much more is possible – so much for the fools who were the dummies in geology who were the experts acclaiming the Bakken a hoax, smoke and mirrors!

The Physical and Spiritual Challenge

Now, why we are intensely interested at this stage of “development” has much to do with tampering with the metrologies or would-be metrologies which unite this “patch” of “Pyramid fields” with those monuments found in the Valley of the Sun in Mexico’s Teotihuacán “Sacred District”, along with the Pyramid Necropolis at Giza – how do they compare?  Are there possible associations?  Our interest has everything to do with those calculations reflecting metrologies which establish them as possible SIGNS, MONUMENTS, PORTENDS relating to the ultimate purpose of the Almighty:  The New Jerusalem.

The fact that little, if anything credible, has been written on this subject insofar as the relationship which may exist between the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids and the New Jerusalem holds within its possibilities a profound potential of colossal merit … not only for the Sacred Geometry Community but for the “prophetic community” which sees in these discoveries and potential relationships the fulfillment of the Creator’s promise.  Either these are or are not the monuments spoken of by Jeremiah the prophet; to wit:

“You have set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, to this day, and in Israel and AMONG OTHER MEN; and You have made Yourself a name, as it is this day” (Jeremiah 32:20)

The phrase “as it is this day” expresses the discovery and persistence of such monuments (signs) as on-going phenomena.  We are literally discovering these “attestations” which are in reality a witness to Him Who CONTINUES to make for Himself a Name!  The Hebrew word for “signs” here (Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary *226 – oth or owth) has the meaning “as a flag, beacon, monument, omen, prodigy, evidence,”  etc.  “Owth means ‘sign’ or  ‘mark.’ (9) ‘Signs’ are attestations of the validity of a prophetic message…”) – therefore, “signs in the land of Egypt, to this day, and in Israel and among other men” clearly alludes to those “monuments” which indeed act virtually as a prophetic message both of past, present and yet future tangibility acclaiming “Yourself a name, as it is this day” – in the year AD 2012.

Whatever the Sacred Geometry Community determines in reference to the geometry of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is not our concern – notwithstanding, it is our hope that they shall generously consider these possibilities, and attestations proclaiming the Divine Prerogative was at work uniting the three massive bodies of Asia/Africa (i.e., the Giza Necropolis); the New World (North and South America) at Teotihuacán’s Sacred District – and now, the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in a triangulation of immense and “monumental” value for humankind.  These three bear witness to His supreme declarative.

Our work on the Sacred District of Teotihuacán, upon the Giza Necropolis and now upon the Valley of the Pyramids in Bosnia, we affirm, is not a confusion of happenstance but a numeric, mathematical, metrological objective accreditation of undeniable confluence – ergo, a veritable expression of Divine Intervention, giving humanity more than sufficient “evidence” to attest to His supremacy and presence in history past and yet very present.

The indefatigable question of WHO and WHY (even HOW) persists – but via the miniscule, yet wholly sufficient, dimensions of Paradise found in Revelation 21:16-17 … let alone the ubiquity of the “cubit” throughout Holy Writ and scores of passages dedicated in extreme detail as to the measurements of arks, altars, utensils, tabernacles, temples and their earthly placements – nevertheless, we are persuaded these concerns pale into insignificance as their measurements align to the Divine Will and these terrestrial inquiries are but superficialities when overshadowed by the Absolute Standard found in Divine Measurement by the Creator of the Universe – or “multiverse”…so great are His extensions!

“Rise and measure the temple of God, the altar, and those who worship there” (Revelation 11:1) is not a quaint metaphor but a physicality of supreme spiritual worth – for in those dimensions so measured are found the very nature and character of the Almighty … as He is absolute, even so, He demands that we be as well, for:  “…Leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the Gentiles…And they will tread the holy city underfoot for forty-two months” (Revelation 11:2).

Both the tangible and the abstract – the temple and the people – are brought together at the altar…here is where measuring takes place, big time!  The Gentiles abide in what was known as the “Court of the Gentiles” in the Sacred Temple.  Why?  Because though their commitment to the Jewish religion brought them there thus far – they were not willing to be circumcised and were kept from the altar of sacrifice, from those who worshipped thereat.  Here it is spoken of as “compromise” – there it was spoken of as painful – interesting and compelling but “a bit too much!”

Professional Discrimination?

Therefore, having said all this, I find what is happening to Dr. Sam Osmanagic in the academic/professional world somewhat similar to the discovery of ancient Troy and beyond to an even more ancient civilization, the Aryans, by the less-than-credentialed Heinrich Schliemann in 1876.

Schliemann was derided by the fledging archaeological community – especially, the British who were at the forefront of such legitimacy.  Oddly enough, Schliemann – more akin to a freelance writer (therefore my sympathies are duly extended) – was tipped off by a Brit where to dig (the irony of it all).  Next thing you know he uncovers the golden mask of King Agamemnon!  So much for “doing things in the appropriate manner.”

Schliemann holds the title, I am persuaded, of the most “interesting person on the planet”.  His commercial exploits are worthy of a major Hollywood production – I can’t imagine why no one has come forward with a script!  The guy actually

got in on the California Gold Rush and opened a bank in, of all places, Sacramento, California, buying and exchanging gold dust (made millions on this and other business ventures)!  Can anything good come out of Sacramento?  One of the Rothschild agents (buying Schliemann’s gold dust) noticed discrepancies like “short-weight consignments” – whereupon, Schliemann took ill and vanished.  But while in California it joined the Union as the 31st State and as a result Schliemann became a US citizen … Is this beginning to sound like Dr. Sam who moved to Houston, TX and became “Americanized?”  Also, of note, Schliemann should have opened the Berlitz School of Languages – he developed a language learning capability (fluent) within six weeks of any language he took on and mastered upwards of 16 languages – that’s how the “little communicator” got into and out of so much trouble!  Does Dr. Sam have the same capabilities?  Just asking….

Whatever and however the “professional archaeology community” wishes to condemn the “Hustler from Herzegovina” (Dr. Sam), I must admit that without folks like Schliemann and Edison (himself quite the salesman) many of the world’s antiquities/artifacts – innovations/inventions – would be sorely diminished.

Likewise – and not to bestow the spiritual upon carnal earthly pursuits – however, Dr. Sam is “paying the price” to exhaust the possibilities of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids with extraordinary entrepreneurship against the background of professional criticism.

In Revelation 11 John is told to “measure the temple, the altar and those that worship there.”  Likewise, he is told not to measure the “Court of the Gentiles” who would later be found to “trample the Holy City underfoot” for forty-two months.

In this sense Dr. Sam finds himself at the altar – some of his critics are interested but unwilling and perhaps unable due to their present acclamation to pay the price (in the case of the Revelation it was circumcision – an understandable but wholly compromised religious infraction) … unfortunately, it is they who will “persecute” those at the altar but they at the altar are the ones measured by the man with the “measuring reed in his hand” (Revelation 11:1; 21:15-17) – destined for a greater dimension and more, shall we say, wondrous discovery, for Paradise is in view!


The older graphic below was taken from a newspaper article regarding the discoveries of the Pyramids of Sun, Moon and the Earth and compared them to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt (Note:  The 722’ approximates our own 720’ height; the GPG is given at its present height juxtaposed to adding its pyramidion, bringing it to 480.9’.

I have included a series of graphics (next page) – in that a “picture is worth a thousand words” displaying the Pyramid of the Sun within the Bosnian Pyramid Complex.  The outlines are pronounced and can easily be construed at least as pyramidal in appearance and/or what they might appear if fully excavated:

These comments in reference to the Pyramid of the Sun (Number 1 through 8 below) hold some curious allusions which one might suspect infer that she is somehow aligned in her dimensions to those of the New Jerusalem – fromBrian David Andersen:

  1. Because the height of the Bosnian Pyramid is half the distance of the base wall of the pyramid, geometry in the computer program named Auto-Cad dictates the Angle of Inclination for the walls must be exactly 45 degrees.  If the Angle of Inclination for the Bosnian Pyramid is not 45 degrees or near that value, the anomaly must be investigated with additional geometric analysis.
  2. If the builders used feet instead of meters then each base wall is 1,440 feet long and the height of the Bosnian Pyramid is 720 feet.
  3. The builders probably constructed the Bosnian Pyramid with either 9 or 18 “platforms.”
  4. If 9 platforms were used then construction deviations should occur every 80 feet (720/9=80)
  5. If 18 platforms were used then construction deviations should occur every 40 feet (720/9=40)
  6. There is a possibility the builders used 36 platforms with each one being 20 feet high (720/36=20)
  7. Within 50 years I predict advanced instruments will detect a distinct three sided pyramid is built inside the four sided pyramid.
  8. The base walls of the Triangle Pyramid will be 480 feet long and the Angle of Inclination of the walls will be exactly 72 degrees.

Andersen seems to have hit the nail on the head.  He knows that the height of the Pyramid of the Sun is 720 Feet and that it is half the distance of its base; therefore, the base is simply 720 Feet * 2 = 1,440 Feet.

His concerns relative to the grid of a pyramid with such a height could have any number of platforms: 9, 18, and 36 allowing for sundry construction deviations which would occur at heights of 80, 40 or 20 feet (in that order).

Not quite sure about the three-sided pyramid enclosed within what must be termed as half of an octahedron (eight-sided with only the top half showing or half an octahedron appears as a four-sided pyramid); also, his three-sided “interior pyramid” and its subsequent angle of inclination being 72° – however, I would suggest that a 12-foot platform would mesh well with construction deviations occurring every 60 feet (i.e., 720/12 = 60).

Andersen is quite right to assert the mandatory base edge measurement of the Pyramid of the Sun to be 1,440 feet which is double its height in that its angle of inclination being 45° – any sound “pyramid converter” would suggest such and emphatically so – whereas the pyramid’s plateau simply provides further possibility for height extensions (not unlike an actual Egyptian-style pyramidion akin to the Great Pyramid of Giza, which pyramidion may never have occupied its capstone area – however, that does not mean that an accurate height measurement could and has been secured of 480.9 feet for the GPG).

What I’m saying here – given the plateau atop the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun – a “pointed peak” completing the triangle – would make its top at 90°, given the fact that angles of inclination sum to 90° (45° + 45° = 90°); therefore, 90° (the two angles of inclination at the base of the pyramid) + 90° (or the “ultimate vertex atop the plateau” if extended to form a pyramidion) = 180° – mandatory for all triangles).

Therefore, by eliminating the “plateau” atop the Pyramid of the Sun, we would create, in essence, a triangle on one of its faces which has angles of inclination both of which are 45° and a peak angle completing the triangle atop the pyramid being 90° or a veritable right angle with each of the other three sides doing the same – i.e., creating right angles at the tip of the pyramidion with angles of inclination each being 45°.

This naturally leads to all sorts of New Jerusalem extrapolations without limit – so it would seem – and much more, it will declare the brilliance of the Sun of Righteousness in no uncertain terms once its duodecimal grid is disclosed in fullness; however, and as well, since the “plateau” is in view here, the Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia actually displays four additional vertices at the plateau creating a trapezoid/parallelogram (two parallel sides, in this case the base edge of the pyramid and the line connecting the two vertices atop at the plateau level) in that a parallel line drawn from the end of the slant edge across to the other slant edge on the same side; therefore, the angles created at the plateau must be equal to 360° (any four-sided object) less 90° (the two vertices or angles of inclination at the base of the pyramid) = 270° (i.e., the remaining two angles atop the parallelogram/trapezoid so created) / 2 (the two angles so created at the top of the parallelogram/trapezoid) = 135° each.  Thus, all four sides regardless of the size of the plateau equal their four angles to 360° * 4 faces of what must be considered an octahedron without a pyramidion (top) = 1,440° which in degrees matches each of her base edge sides.

Indeed, the Wall of the New Jerusalem is 144 cubits!

And, since we’ll ultimately create an octahedron – an eight sided object (a four-sided pyramid atop and a four-sided pyramid below using its four-square base as the “center of the octahedron”) then there would be two sets of 1,440° or, if you would, two number sets which identify with the two sets of 144,000 found in Revelation 7 and Revelation 14 – viz., namely those of Israel (Revelation 7) and the Church (Revelation 14) which eventually comprise the “144 Cubit” Wall of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:17).  (Note:  Strictly speaking, our octahedron is missing its tops!)

However, the eight triangles created in any octahedron along with the degrees created at its four-square base angles are as follows:  180° * 4 (triangles atop the octahedron) = 720° * 2 (bottom of the octahedron) = 1,440° + two sets of 360° from the two four-square “top and bottom” bases = 720° + 1,440° = 2,160°  (total degrees of various angles created in an octahedron with a four-square base in the “midst” of the octahedron – includes top and bottom) and this “216” is the fractal/resemblance of the diameter of the Moon in miles (i.e., 2,160 miles); and the 21,600 miles of the circumference of the Nautical Earth; and one-twelfth of the Great Precessional of the Equinoxes of the Mazzaroth/Zodiac or 2,160 years (2,160 years * 12 = 25,920 years of the Great Precessional of the 12 constellations); and, finally this “216” is considered by the Hebrews to be the Name of God (See here).

The 360° formed by the rectangle of the plateau atop the Pyramid of the Sun (1) + the 4 each 360° parallelograms created on the four faces of the pyramid (4), along with the 360° four-square base of the pyramid (1), creates 6 objects * 360° = 2,160° * 2 (upper and lower of an ultimate octahedron (missing its pyramidion, of course) = 4,320° = “432” which is a fractal/resemblance of the radius of the sun or 432,000 miles and there are 5 such pyramids in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids; therefore, and since all are “shaped in this manner” – we find:  5 * 2,160° = 10,800° and VOILA!  We have the “18” of the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement.

A number of authors confirm that the height of the Pyramid of the Sun is “over 220 meters” [i.e., 720 feet is therefore “within range”] one third taller than the Great Pyramid of Egypt (Old Europe blog – “Bosnia Pyramid of the Sun”)] – however, and this demonstrates a great deal of the metrology at the site is still very fluid – notwithstanding, I present these oddities but will repeatedly fall back upon the CAD model, as well as the visual appearance accords to a measurement more akin to 45° angle of inclination; and finally, with today’s technology one can easily calculate via Google Earth/GPS a more precise measurement than one could imagine – both the pyramids base edge and height.

“Four sides of the pyramid are perfectly aligned with the cardinal points (North-South, East-West).

“Measurements made by the Geodetic Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina suggest that [the] northern portion of the pyramid is forming [the] geometric feature of [a] triangle, with equal sides of 365 meters and inner angles of 60 degrees.  [Note:  Not the 45° which we affirm to be the case, given the 720-foot height of the pyramid … 60° angles of inclination would allow the top of the pyramid to be 60° as well with all 3 angles or 3 * 60° = 180° triangle – we, however, presume the angles of inclination to be more acute; i.e., 45° with the plateau atop the pyramid contesting for the remaining 270° of a four-sided parallelogram/trapezoid; however,  if it were wholly extended then a true octahedron would be created and this would in turn affect the base angles of inclination … interesting drawing taken in the 1600s below.].

“[The] North side of the pyramid is oriented towards stellar north (like the Great Pyramid of Egypt), in parallel with [the] position of the North Star.

“Numerous scientific analysis suggest artificiality of the monument: satellite imagery, thermal inertia analysis that shows quick heat loss due to inner chambers and hallways; penetrating radar suggests straight passageways with 90 degrees intersections; water drainage and inner angles of 45 degrees characteristic for artificial objects.

“Geo-archaeological research uncovered man-made stone blocks that form the walls of the pyramid.

“The main pyramid, Pyramid of the Sun, is not a small or unimpressive structure. It is 220 meters high and the width of [its] sides is more than 360 meters! [Note:  Actually double the 220 meters in height or 2 * 220m = 440m (lit. 438.912 meters or 1,440 feet)  – even a casual visual observation can justify doubling its height to determine its approximate base edge measurement.]  [The] exterior of the revealed pyramid is covered or better say tiled, by stone-hard blocks made of original mixture and by [sic. “suggesting”] genuine technology. This fact, together with many others, indicates [the] presence and activity of [an] unknown ancient civilization.

“The pyramid-shaped structure is now covered by soil and vegetation on the surface.” (Ibid – Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun)

An article which appeared on the World Mysteries Blog back in January, 2012 – taken from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation – highlighted the following (please note the metrology in associated comments by yours truly):

“Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids represents the biggest complex of pyramidal structures in the World. It consists of Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (with its height of over 220 meters [220m = 721.9 feet or 219.45m = 720 feet] is bigger than Cheops Pyramid), Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon (190 meters [624 feet]), Pyramid of Bosnian Dragon (90 meters [295.3 feet]), Temple of Mother Earth and Pyramid of Love. [Note:  Total meters in height of all three main pyramids = 220m + 190M + 90M = 500m = 1.640 feet.]

“Pyramids of Sun, Moon and Dragon form [a] perfect equilateral triangle with 2.170 meters [sic. Kilometers or 7,119.5 feet] distance between their three tops. All pyramids are oriented toward the cosmic North. Fifty-five leading scientists from 13 countries concluded during [the] First International Scientific Conference on [the] Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in August 2008 that [the] Bosnian pyramids are [an] archaeological phenomenon and further scientific investigation is needed.

“These are the first pyramids discovered in Europe

  • The site includes the largest pyramid structure in the world—The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun with its height of over 220 meters (720 Feet) is much higher than the Great Pyramid of Egypt (147m [Lit. 146.58m = 480.9 Feet]).
  • The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has, according to the Bosnian Institute for Geodesy, the most precise orientation towards cosmic north with the error of 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds.
  • The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is completely covered by rectangular concrete blocks. The properties of the concrete, including extreme hardness (up to 133 MPs) and low water absorption (around 1%), are, according to the scientific institutions in Bosnia, Italy and France, far superior to modern concrete materials.
  • The pyramids are covered by soil which is, according to the State Institute for Agropedology, approx. 12,000 years old. Radiocarbon dating from the paved terrace on Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, performed by [the] Institute of Physics of [the] Silesian Institute of Technology from Gliwice (Poland) confirmed that [the] terrace was built 10,350 years ago (+/- 50 years). These finding[s] confirm that the Bosnian pyramids are also the oldest known pyramids on the planet.
  • Beneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids there is an extensive underground tunnel and chamber network which runs for a total of more than ten miles.
  • Ceramic sculptures have been discovered in the underground labyrinth with a mass of up to 20,000 pounds which makes them the largest found so far from the ancient world.” (World History and Bosnian Pyramids, 2011; The Archaeological Park, Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina by Dr. of Science, Sam Semir Osmanagich, December 15, 2011 – Note:  Much of this appeared in the World-Mysteries Blog)

Measurements of the Pyramid of the Sun – New Jerusalem Implications

The height measurement of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun at “over 220m” seems to be a common theme; however, at 720 feet (another height measurement frequently seen) the precision comes to 219.456m or rounded up to 220m).

Earlier measurements of the structure were sorely skewed – the ambiguity of the base edge and slant edges and even slant height were overwhelmingly inadequate.   Philip Coppens in his article entitled:  Europe’s Pyramid History Unveiled took a first stab at the pyramid’s measurement … using earlier metrology estimates (2005) wherein the following dimensions were exceedingly inaccurate (but again, from “where” does one commence the base edge measurement?).

“An initial survey showed that the Visocica hill structure (a.k.a. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun) measures approximately 70 metres (230 feet) high [slightly stunted from the now acceptable 720-foot height measurement], with a square base of 220 by 220 metres (730 by 730 feet) – [which actually is its approximate height measurement and approximately one-half of the 1,440-foot Google Earth/GPS calculations].

Insofar as the base measurement concerns, I have seen everything from 220 meters (720 feet) to 360/365 meters (1,198 feet), as well as up to 850 meters (2788.71 feet).  As you can visually tell from the photo and graphic below – such a disparity of measurement occurs based upon where the commencement of the base edge of the pyramid is determined (see below)

Our measurements were determined by Google Maps/GPS and from taking fairly precise coordinates wherein it was determined that the distance from Latitude/Longitude (coordinates ascertained from the pyramid’s northeastern corner) to the Latitude/Longitude (coordinates ascertained from the pyramid’s southeastern corner) are as follows (Please see GPS Visualizer):

N 43.97994, E 18.18 (northeastern corner)

N 43.976, E 18.18 (southeastern corner)

These coordinates place the base-edge measurement on the East Side of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun at .27273% of a mile or .27273% * 5,280 Feet (one mile) = 1,440.0144 Feet * 12” (to arrive at the number of inches) =17,280.1728 Inches.

In both cases (feet or inches) we immediately recognize (somewhat to our amazement) that not only is the longitude at E 18.18 (two sets of “18” or “36”) but that the “144” cubit Wall of the New Jerusalem is pronounced as seen in two sets of “144”.

We have in the past calculated the distance between the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Dome of the Spirits on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to be 273 Imperial Miles; which in turn brought us to this calculation:

273 Imperial Miles * 5,280’ = 1,441,440 Feet

Or, again, two sets of “144”.  If indeed each base edge of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun attests to the Two Sets of “144” – that is truly stunning – even so, .27273% can be rounded up to .273% – but what I do find most interesting is that the “digit sum” of the .27273 which gave us the 1,440.0144’ base edge measurement, also digit sums to “21” which is the Divine Platform/Grid figure predicated upon the measurement of the Sacred Cubit of 2.1’.

720’ Height (219.456m) and base edges 1,440 feet (438.91638912m) or .27273% of a Mile = 1,440.0144 feet

Incidentally, is not the 720’ height of the Pyramid of the Sun reflective of Earth’s Sun and indicative of the Sun of Righteousness – you be the judge:

720 Feet Height – Pyramid of the Sun * 12” = 8,640”

864” is a Fractal/Resemblance of the Sun’s Diameter of 864,000 Miles

Other Measurements of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

With the base edge and height of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun established at 720’ (height) and 1,440’ (base edge) – the “slant edge” would be 1,250’

Slant Edge:  1,250’ * 4 edges = 5,000 Linear Feet * 12” = 60,000”

Slant Height (midst of the pyramid – from top to center of base edge): 1,020 Slant Height * 12” = 12,240” = “9” * 1,020’ * 4 = 4,080’ * 12” = 48,960” = “27

Volume:  498,000,000 Cubic Feet = digit sum of “21” which connotes the “Divine Platform” and the Sacred Cubit’s designation

Angle of Inclination:  45° *8 base corners = 360° = “9” The Sun of Righteousness (or 8 planets + 1 sun = 9).

Cubing the Pyramid & Its Circle:

(1) Four-square Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun: 1,440’ (base edge) * 4 = 5,760’ * 12” = 69,120” Linear Inches (“69” = “Unto Messiah the Prince” the end of the 69th Week of Daniel’s prophecy and “12” one of two cardinal numbers of the New Jerusalem with “7” being the other number).

(2) Twelve-edged Cube = 1,440’ * 12 = 17,280 Linear Feet – which is to say that the dimension indicates a perfect cube or 12 * 12 * 12 = 1,728 and 17,280’ * 12” = 207,360 Linear Inches which is “18” and “27” and “36” – the New Jerusalem (18); Messiah Revealed (27) and the Eternal God (36) – each one digit sums to “9” as the Omega, the End, the Last.  Please note that “1728” can be viewed as 1…72…8 wherein the “18” of the New Jerusalem holds within her the very Name of God “72.”

(3) The diameter (if a circle is so formed) is the same as its base edge; therefore, 1,440’ * 3.142857 = 4,525.71408’ = a digit sum of “36” – or 360 degrees as a Circle = Circumference of the Bosnia Pyramid of the Sun – therefore, the very circumference measurement equates to the degrees in a circle.

(4) Area of the Circle:  720’ (radius) * 720’ = 518,400’ (which is both “18” in sum and is as well 5…18…4 or “54” and “18” again) * 3.142857 = 1,629,257.0688 sq. feet = a digit sum of “54” = Plato’s Optimal Number of Societal Harmony or “5040” / 2 = 2520 or “25.20”” which is the measurement of the Sacred Cubit.

(5) Area of one of the six sides of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Cubed:  1,440’ * 1,440’ = 2,073,600 sq. feet or “18” New Jerusalem Standard as well as “27” and “36” – Messiah Revealed (27) and the Eternal God (36).

(6) Area of all six faces/sides of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Cubed:  2,073,600 sq. feet * 6 = 12,441,600 sq. feet = “18” = the New Jerusalem and is, as well “12” and “441” (with “441” = 21 * 21 = 441) and then the Number of a Man “6” – therefore, “2112” for man (6) is in view.

(7) Diagonal of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun on her four-square base is predicated upon all her base edges being equal at 1,440’ – therefore, her diagonal is:  2,040’ (to the third decimal) * 12” = 24,480’ which is the fractal of the number of miles in Ea rth’s circumference based upon Eratosthenes.  2,040’ * 2 (Crisscrossed) = 4,080’ * 12” = 48,960” (a digit sum of “27” revealing Messiah) – including all six faces/sides of the cube we have:  4,080’ * 6 =24,480’ (again “18” and the circumference of the Earth) and 24,480’ * 12” = 293,760 Linear Inches = digit sum of “27” revealing Messiah.

Great Pyramid of Giza and the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

The dominance of the “144” displayed at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and how it may relate to the Great Pyramid of Giza presents some fascination in mixing their measurements; take for example the heights of the pyramids:

GPG and Pyramid of the Sun, Bosnia … 480.9’ (Giza) + 720’ (Bosnia) = 1,200.9’ which is both “12” and “9” (the cardinal number of the New Jerusalem, 12, and the Sun of Righteousness, 9) – then to multiply 1,200.9’ * 12” =14,410.8” or “144” and “18” – a rather amazing calculation in that it is both the Wall of the New Jerusalem (144) and the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement (her perimeter in miles on all 12 edges of her cube or 18,000 miles or 18).

When we mix their base edge measurements:

756’ GPG + 1,440’ Bosnia Pyramid of the Sun = 2,196’ (which is both “21” (Sacred Cubit/Divine Platform) and “96” = “15” Edge of the New Jerusalem * 12” = 26,352” which is equal to the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement as a digit sum (18); also, we have 2…63…52 or the Sacred Cubit of “252” and “63” or 6 + 3 = 9 = the Sun of Righteousness or 6 * 3 = 18 = the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun – Her Grid

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun conforms to a grid which is 120 x 120  or 120 * 120 = 14,400 or 1,440 / 120 = 12; therefore, on any one edge/side there will be 120 blocks which are 12’ x 12’ x 12’ x 12’ and therefore, 12’ (one length of the block facing the base edge) * 120 such blocks (the grid) = 1,440’ or put another way – the base platform is 1,440’ * 1,440’ = 2,073,600 sq. feet – therefore, there will be 120 blocks on any given side and, therefore, 120 * 120 = 14,400 small blocks comprising the grid and each one of these blocks will be 12’ x 12’ or 12’ * 12’ = 144 sq. feet and this 144 sq. feet must be multiplied by the 14,400 small blocks at its base which will equal to 144 sq. feet * 14,400 = 2,073,600 sq. feet (the figures check out) and this in turn in square feet can be converted to sq. inches as in 2,073,600 sq. feet * 144 sq. inches = 298,598,400 sq. inches = a digit sum of “45” = the Arising of the Sun of Righteousness with Healing in His Wings (the fulfillment of Malachi 4:1-2 and Daniel 12:11-12 or the “45 days of blessing”)!  The “27” (Messiah Revealed) and the “36” (the Eternal God) rounds out the significance of these figures.

Therefore, the grid mirrors that of the New Jerusalem in that the New Jerusalem is 12,000 furlongs by 12,000 furlongs and this can be reduced by eliminating zero to see it better – therefore, 12 is the working number and each of its edges is 12,000 furlongs or “12” and therefore all 12 edges are “12” and therefore, 12 * 12 = 144 (per any given face of a 6 cubed face) and therefore, 144 * 6 faces of a cube = 864 which is the 864 fractal/resemblance of the Diameter of the Sun – so is the “cubed expression” of the New Jerusalem – she is the reflection of the SUN of Righteousness.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is based upon the Sacred Cubit’s measurement of 2.1’ in that 756’ (base edge of the GPG)/2.1’ = 360 S.C.  or 756’ / 21 = 36’ and therefore, its platform grid is 36’ * 21 = 756’ – therefore there are 21 * 21 = 441 small blocks each having a perimeter of 36’ x 36’ x 36’ x 36’ = 144’ (sum)  – therefore, the square footage of each of these small squares is calculated via 36’ * 36’ = 1,296 sq. feet * 441 (small total squares derived from the grid/platform) = 571,536 sq. feet (the entire base of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which, by the way is “27” Messiah Revealed).  This 571,536 sq. feet is the manifestation of some 441 small squares having been devised as a result of the Sacred Cubit’s dimensions and the “21” as in 21 * 21 = 441.  To check our figures to see if this 571,536 sq. feet is correct we simply multiply 756’ * 756’ (the base edge of the GPG) = 571,536 sq. feet = 571,536 sq. feet.

The “144” of the Great Pyramid of Giza in all of her 36’ x 36’ x 36’ x 36’ or 144’ small perimeters of 441 such squares (or 21 * 21 = 441) is wholly demonstrated in the same way that the New Jerusalem’s 12 x 12 = 144 six-faces of a cube can be configured.

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is truly a remarkable object in utter conformity to the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza and wholly integrated with those of the New Jerusalem – absolutely astounding!

The “angles of inclination” – however, are not similar to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza vs. the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.  The Bosnian Pyramid expresses a ratio that is 1440:720 or 2:1 for 720 * 2 = 1,440 and displays a proclivity for the number set “45” which is truly the PYRAMID OF THE SUN in that the “45” is the very number of the SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS who shall Arise with Healing in His Wings on the Great Day of God during the “45” days of the 1,335 Days mentioned in Daniel 12:11-12 (i.e., 1,290 Days of Desolation + “45” Days = 1,335 days).

I find the 120 x 120 grid of some 14,400 small blocks which are 12’ x 12’ in size displaying the “144” ALL OVER AGAIN – absolutely amazing (again 12’ x 12’ = 144 sq. feet * 14,400 small blocks = 2,073,600 sq. feet and this is “proofed” when we multiply 1,440’ * 1,440’ = 2,073,600 sq. ft.).  Indeed, consider these small square perimeters in this manner:

12’ * 4 (to arrive at a mini-four-square perimeter of one of the 14,400 small blocks) = 48’ Linear Feet * 12” = 576 Linear Inches and this can be cubed wherein we are looking at a “miniature New Jerusalem” and therefore, 576” * 3 (giving us 12 edges of a “mini-block/cube”) = 1,728 Linear Inches per each 14,400 small blocks if each “block” is cubed.

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the Dr. Michell’s Circumference of the Earth…

Now, 1,728 is the “cubic” configuration wherein 12 * 12 * 12 = 1,728 cubic measurements; therefore, we really could say that each of these 14,400 small blocks (forming the base of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun) when cubed is the same as saying 12 * 12 * 12 = 1,728.

Taking this “linear measurement in inches” and multiplying it by the 14,400 small blocks we find that 1,728” * 14,400 small blocks = 24,883,200 Linear Inches – which to our amazement is the 24,883.2 which can be seen as24,883.2 miles which is the very circumference of the Earth in miles wherein, 7,920 miles is the Earth’s Diameter * 3.14181818 (using Dr. John Michell’s “New Jerusalem Pi”) = 24,883.2 Miles – the Circumference of the Earth (Ref.Dimensions of Paradise, p. 108).

The Earth’s Circumference of 24,883.2 Miles * 5,280 Feet (one Imperial Mile) = 131,383,296 Linear Feet (precisely) which digit sums to “36” or the 360° of a circle which indeed is the ultimate CIRCUMFERENCE of all circles in degrees.

“Multiplying the length of the average nautical mile, as indicated by ancient metrology (6,082.56 feet) by 21,600, the number of minutes in a circle (i.e., 60 * 360 = 21,600), produces the traditional value of the length of the meridian, the great circle passing through the poles.

It proves to be 131,383.296 feet or 24,883.2 miles, the mathematical significance of the mile measure being that 248,832 = 125.” (Dimensions, p. 108).

Visocica Hill’s 2,300-Foot “Elevation” – Other Interests

The elevation of Visocica Hill is 2,300 feet.  Here, we are not talking about the height of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun but the elevation from sea level to its physical extension upon the earth; therefore 2,300’ * 12” = 27,600” or “27” and “6” which is descriptive of the Son of Man (6) revealed as the Messiah (27).

There are five pyramids under observation by Dr. Sam and his team of excavators.  Each one is deserving of “circumnavigation” (each one can be circled); therefore, and in that there are 360° in a circle, and we have five such pyramids (viz., the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Dragon, the Temple of the Earth, and the Pyramid of Love) – this then gives us another calculation:  5 * 360° = 1,800° which is a full reflection of the 18,000 miles of the New Jerusalem!

The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids…of Triangle & Circle…

An equilateral triangle of the three main pyramids, according to the Kadastral Office from the County of Visoko performed by GPS measurements of the hilltops of the three main pyramids in the Bosnian Pyramid Valleys, are equidistant from each other by 2.170 Kilometers or 7,120 Feet in each direction.  All sides of the triangle being equal; therefore:  7,120’ * 3 = 21,360’ = “21” + “36” = “12 digit sum” and 21 * 36 = 756 = Base Edge of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Happenstance or just a very rare coincidence?

Then observe:  21,360’ * 12” = 256,320” = a digit sum of “18” = the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement.  Likewise, each of the angles of the triangle formed is 60° * 3 = 180° which, naturally, all triangles measure in total degrees in any given triangle.  According to the study there was less than 2% difference in any of the would-be artificial structures.  The three triangles can all be circumnavigated as 3 * 360° = 1,080° = “18” = the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement.

The vertices of the Red Triangle – the Pyramid of the Sun (2); the Pyramid of the Moon (4) and the Pyramid of the Dragon (6) for an equilateral triangle whose sides equal 7,120 feet can also have a circumscribed circle enclose this equilateral triangle so formed – the vertices of the equilateral triangle touch the circumference of the circle so formed; therefore, the formula for finding the diameter of this circle is:

Where “R” is equal to the radius of the circle formed around the equilateral triangle and “a” is equal to one of its legs (in our case 7,120 feet) which multiples the square root of 3 divided by 3.  When we carry out our math we discover that “R” is equal to:  4,110.7339.  Therefore, the radius “R” of the circle:

4,110.7339 Feet * 2 = 8,221.5 Feet =

Diameter of the Great Bosnian Pyramid Triangle

The 8,221.5-Foot diameter created by drawing a circle circumscribed about the three vertices of the Great Bosnian Pyramid’s Triangle becomes highly “suspect” when the Sacred Cubit’s 2.1-Foot dimension divides it as in 8,221.5’ / 2.1’ (Sacred Cubit) = 3,915 S.C. (with no remainder) – naturally, it digit sums to “18” as in 3 + 9 + 1 + 5 = 18.

This is affirmatively exacerbated by the “squaring of the circle” by using its diameter (8,221.5’ or 3,915 S.C.) and creating a square with each of its sides having this dimension – therefore (digit sums in parentheses):

4 * 8,221.5’ (18) = 32,886’ (27) * 12” = 394,632” (27)

4 * 3,915 S.C. (18) = 15,660 S.C. (18)

Cubed (12 Edges):

32,886’ * 3 = 98,658’ (36) * 12” = 1,183,896” (36)

15,660 S.C. * 3 = 46,980 S.C. (27)

The “18” of the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement; the “27” of Messiah Revealed, and the “36” of the Eternal God as in 360° of a circle are all pronounced – all are expressed in its circumference.

One of the more dynamic measurements is the very circumference of the circumscribed circle enclosing the triangulation of the three peaks of the pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon wherein their legs are equal in distance (i.e., 7,120 feet).

The Circumscribed Circle so created has a diameter of 8,221.5 feet…therefore its circumference is:

8,221.5’ (Diameter of the Circle) * 3.142857 (Pi) = 310,068 Inches

By eliminating zeroes, we arrive at “3168” – this “3168” is absolutely the number set of the New Jerusalem’s four-square dimension – with, as well, zero eliminated wherein:  Revelation 21:16 states:

“The city (i.e., New Jerusalem) is laid out as a square; its length is as great as its breadth.  And he measured the city with the reed:  twelve thousand furlongs.  Its length, breadth, and height are equal” (i.e., it is four-square).

Taking the 12,000 stadium/furlongs (1 stadia = 660’ and so does its English (i.e., furlong) counterpart) * 660’ = 7,920,000 Feet * 4-square = 31,680,000 Feet (i.e., 6,000 miles) or 4 * 792 = 3168 (eliminating zero); therefore, the “3168” of the New Jerusalem equates to the “3168” of the circumference of the Great Circumscribed Circle encompassing the Great Bosnian Pyramid Triangle – a most unusual series of configurations.

The “Great Bosnian Valley of Pyramids PYRAMID” – Esoteric

As I am wont to do – and if these extrapolations of 7,120 feet are accurate (and we have no reason to believe otherwise) – then could not a perfect equilateral triangle produce all of its angles of inclination at 60° (an immense pyramid structure)?  If so, what would its implications be?  Likewise, akin to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza – which is half an octahedron – would extend out the dimensions to that of a perfect octahedron (one half visible to the heavens and one half to the earth).  First – it would appear in this manner – with all base edges, slant edges each equal to 7,120 feet.

Therefore, “facing upwards” the Great Bosnian Valley of the Pyramid Octahedron Pyramid would experience the following:

7,120 Feet * 8 (4 Slant Edges + 4 Base Edges) = 56,960 Feet * 12” = 683,520”

683,520” = Digit Sum:  “24

* 2 (facing downwards) = 113,920 Feet * 12” = 1,367,040” = “21

24 * 21 = 504

504 = Resemblance/Fractal of 5040 or Plato’s Optimal Number for Societal Harmony

Since the 24 * 21 = 504 is comprised of two-halves of the object/octahedron…

504/2 = 252

252 = the 25.20” of the Sacred Cubit

Is or was such a mathematical extrapolation within the minds of them who designed such a configuration?  I know it sounds altogether farfetched – but, then again, the whole “project” is somewhat “out there” isn’t it?  And these measurements are what they are.  We are, as well, constrained by their projections – it’s what can be done with them that falls upon our responsibility in this, perhaps, “divine jigsaw puzzle” scratched into the surface of the earth at this most unusual location on the earth, I might add, not only juxtaposed to the Giza Necropolis but to the planet itself.

Likewise, the interest in the Octahedron’s 28,500’ base perimeter by itself or 28,500’ * 12” = 342,000” * 2 (both sides of the Octahedron) = 684,000 Linear Inches which digit sums to “18” of the New Jerusalem (6 + 8 + 4 = 18).  Furthermore, the diagonal of such a square is 10,100 Feet, crisscrossed * 2 = 20,200’ * 12” = 242,400” which expresses two sets of “24” amplifying the Divine Administration upon this esoteric configuration – really, a remarkable projection, I might add.

Cubing the base into its own dimensions – using the four-square 7,120’ dimensions for each base edge – just the diagonals alone – would project the following:

10,100 Feet = the Diagonal of the Square (7,120’ x 7,120’)

10,100 Feet * 2 (crisscross of the Square) = 20,200’ * 12” = 242,400”

20,200’ * 6 Faces of a Cube = 121,200’ * 12” = 1,454,400 Linear Inches

1…21…2 if the “2112” of the Divine Schematic/Platform/Grid

21 * 12 = 252 = the Fractal/Resemblance of the 25.20” Sacred Cubit

(Note:  14…54…4 can be seen as “144” and “54”)

144” = the Wall of the New Jerusalem and “54” the Very Number of Optimal Social Harmony Envisioned by Plato / 2 = 252 = 25.20” of the Sacred Cubit.  Finally the very 7,120’ edge is “7” and “12” which are the two Cardinal Numbers of the New Jerusalem.

The 7,120’ Equilateral Triangle & Its Extrapolations

Yes, we’re keenly aware that we’re dealing with an “Esoteric Object” created from the distances of the tops/plateaus of the Pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon; however, just as the Great Pyramid of Giza by numerous metrologists lend itself to the “upper/lower Octahedron” and ipso facto to the “squaring of the circle” and producing a circle whose diameter can be manipulated to a four-square object using its base edge measurement; even so we can do this with the Esoteric Equilateral Triangle created from these three pyramid plateaus.

What appears as both an octahedron with its eight 7,120’ edges (i.e., the four-square base of the center of the octahedron at the base of the pyramid and the four “slant edges” of the pyramid so created brings us to a total of eight edges (4 + 4 = 8).  Also, in every cube there is an additional number of 7,120’ edges (not counting the four-square bottom of the cube, already included in the Octahedron).  Normally, a regular cube would have 12 edges; however, if we remove the four edges of the base of such a cube and include those four edges with the Octahedron itself, which would leave us a total of 8 edges which are 7,120’ in length per edge.  Therefore, we now have 8 included in the Octahedron and 8 in the artificial cube for a total of 16 edges each with a length of 7,120’.

In doing this we have 16 edges of 7,120’ or 16 * 7,120’ = 113,920’ * 12” = 1,367,040” (digit sum of “21”) and with the reverse side (“the lower” portion of the Octahedron) we multiply by 2 * 113,920’ = 227,840’ * 12” = 2,734,080” (digit sum of “24”).  Therefore, we have “21” (top of the Octahedron in inches) and “24” (bottom of the Octahedron in inches when adding the two portions together).  Now – “21” is, of course, the expression of the Sacred Cubit’s 2.1’ and the “24” is the expression in the New Jerusalem of Divine Governance – the 24 Elders (Israel – the 12 Patriarchs/Gates/Pearls of the Holy City; and the Church – the 12 Apostles/Foundations/Precious Stones of the Holy City).

By multiplying the “top” of the Octahedron digit sum with the “bottom” of the Octahedron’s digit sum – we arrive at:  21 * 24 = 504and this 504 is truly the expression of Plato’s Optimal Number of Societal Harmony indicating a world at peace and harmony and since the Octahedron lends itself to a top/bottom expression, it can be divided by 2; therefore, 504/2 = 252 = the fractal/resemblance of the 25.20” Sacred Cubit.

The Two Cubes Formed by the 7,120’ Distances between the Pyramids

The 7,120 Feet between the three plateaus of the “Bosnian Pyramid Equilateral Triangle” as seen above have formed an octahedron with the top half displaying the “visible pyramid” and the bottom half the “upside down pyramid.”  All lines are 7,120’ – even those which constitute the “cubical” atop and bottom.  There are 12 edges of a cube; therefore, 12 * 7,120’ = 85,440’ * 12” = 1,025,280”.

Here we see the “12” and the “528” – both of which are intrinsically connected with the New Jerusalem which is based upon the duodecimal system (12) and the Imperial Mile of 5,280’.  When we multiply 12 * 528 = 6,336 or 6…33…6 which appears throughout antiquity and symbolizes for us the Son of Man, as the Lamb of God (33 being the age when He was “cut off” as Messiah) upon the Cross between two men/thieves (6and 6).  Therefore, and since there are two “dimensions” of the octahedron – one to the heavens (the visible) and one to the earth (the bottom half) – all things in “heaven and earth” are, therefore, under the banner of the 6…33…6 in that two sets (two cubes) are formed atop and below with the four-sided pyramid in each of the cubes, thus, the octahedron with all sides of the cubes and the octahedron 7,120’.

The Great Intercontinental Triangle

The Bosnia Valley of the Pyramids, the Sacred District of Teotihuacán in Mexico and the Giza Necropolis in Egypt – have some “distant relationships” that are more than casual.

Some interesting stats among the three are as follows:

Distance in Miles between the Three Pyramid Complexes:

Bosnia/Teotihuacán:  6,670 Miles * 5,280’ = 35,217,600’ = “24+

Teotihuacán/Giza:  7,669 Miles * 5,280’ = 40,492,320’ = “24

Bosnian Pyramids/Giza: 1,200 Miles * 5,280’ = 6,336,000’ = “18

Total Digit Sums:  24 + 24 + 18 = “66

In Total Feet:  82,045,920’ = “30

30 * 66 = 1,980 = “18” = New Jerusalem Standard

82,045,920’ * 12” = 984,551,040 Inches = “36” = The Eternal God

30 (in feet) * 36 (in inches) = 1,080 = “18” = New Jerusalem

The 24s and the 18 of the Intercontinental Triangle can be viewed in this manner:

24 * 18 = 432

432 = Fractal/Resemblance of the Radius of the Sun or 432,000 miles

These Imperial Mile/Feet distances between the three pyramid complexes are interesting and very accurate but I do not place much credence on most of these calculations; however, the measurements between the very Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia and the Great Pyramid of Giza being precisely 1,200 miles or 6,336,000 feet (based on GPS latitude/longitude) is simply astonishing in that 6…33…6 repeatedly arises in our analysis of sundry sacred sites in this series including Teotihuacan, the Peruvian Sun-star and Cross, Stonehenge and Giza itself.

The “6” is the number of a man and “66” of two men – specifically two thieves on either side of the Son of Man who at “33” years of age gave Himself as the “suffering servant” – the sequence of these number sets is compelling; especially, since the distance alludes to the “Altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt” – specifically found in Isaiah:

“In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the LORD at its border (lit. Gizeh).  And it will be for a sign (i.e., “Monument” or osh in Hebrew – Strong’s #226) and for a witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the LORD because of the oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a mighty One, and He will deliver them” (Isaiah 19:19-20).

What I find incredibly convincing insofar as the location of the Pyramid of the Sun in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is the location of the very northeastern point at the very base or the would-be structure and, apparently, where most of the excavation is taking place.  The coordinates are as follows:

Latitude:  N 43.98 (digit sum of “24”)

Longitude:  E 18.18 (digit sum of “36” and double “18s”)

Insofar as being “on the mark” – frankly, these coordinates are nigh supernatural in their pinpoint accuracy.  In case you don’t know what 24 * 36 is – well, of course, 24 * 36 = 864 which is the fractal/resemblance of the Diameter of the Sun at 864,000 miles – hence, THE PYRAMID OF THE SUN!

Literally, they absolutely target the very spot where the Pyramid of the Sun commences on its northeastern corner demanding that its longitude be marked as  the prime meridian at E 18.18 connoting the “18” of the New Jerusalem…a sort of “double whammy” just in case we didn’t get it the first time but more so to validate God Almighty’s pleasure (36 – the Eternal God without beginning or ending as in a 360° circle); finally, 1 + 8 = 9 and 1 + 8 = 9 giving us the First and Second Comings of the Sun of Righteousness (the sun (1) and the eight planets (8) of the solar system).

The latitude simply sums to “24” which is the very essence of Divine Governance within the New Jerusalem – Israel (12 patriarch names/12 gates + 12 apostles/12 foundations or 12 + 12 = 24).

None of the coordinates of the other sites have this pinpoint logistical accuracy to “highlight” the fact that what we’re dealing with here is truly a remarkable find – especially, given the other facts of its immediate size being 720 feet in height and 1,440 feet being its base edge (i.e., the Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia).

Nor can we circumvent the absolutely astonishing distance in miles/feet from the very Pyramid of the Sun in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids to the Giza Necropolis (specifically, from the northwestern corner of the Pyramid of the Sun to the southeastern corner of the Giza Necropolis giving us by “rounding up to the nearest whole number:  1,200 miles (and that being 1,199.9+ miles).  When we arrive at such a precise figure of 1,200 miles * 5,280 feet (one mile) = 6,335,000 feet with all the ramifications of 6…33…6.

The Causeway to Paradise?

The causeway that leads to the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is paved by sandstone plates.  The Pyramid of the Sun, however, is built from entirely different materials (concrete conglomerate blocks). Aerial photos show corners between the West and North, and North and East.  The top of the Pyramid of the Sun is flat like pyramids in China, Mexico or Egypt.

“The results of the test probes inside the structure proved that it is indeed a stone step pyramid. A flat plateau, approximately 2.5 metres wide, is followed by a steep slope of 30 metres, then another plateau, then another steep slope with the same angle—a pattern that is repeated to the top of the pyramid, which has a plateau and the possible remains of a stone structure. The team also discovered that ‘…the entrance causeway is paved with manufactured sandstone blocks. They are 10 cm thick, cut by human hand, polished and then transported to this area.’ Amazingly, the length of this paved causeway is an enormous 420 metres (1/4 mile) and is perhaps the best evidence that proves we are confronted by a genuine manmade pyramid.” (Europe’s Pyramid History Unveiled, Philip Coppens).

The ¼ mile dimension is interesting in that 5,280’/4 = 1,320’.  This “132” number set has within it not only the precise measurement (1/4 Mile) of the perimeter edges of the four-square Citadel of the Feathered Serpent in Mexico’s Teotihuacán Sacred District (or 4 * 1,320’ = 5,280’ four-square perimeter), but it has the “logo” of the ancient Sumerian cubit of 13.2 inches.

Therefore, upon closer examination we discover that this “lead up” – this “causeway” bears greater significance in that 1,320’ * 12” = 15,840” and more so, for if we “cube” this calculation of 1,320’ * 12 = 15,840’ * 12” = 190,080” wherein the “18” is pronounced (1 + 9 + 8 = 18) and, again, more so, in that the 1…9…8 is displayed:  The “Sun of Righteousness” (9) is in the “midst” of the New Jerusalem (18) …

“But I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple.  The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it.  The Lamb is its light…There shall be no night there:  They need no lamp nor light of the sun, for the Lord God gives them light …And I looked, and behold, in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as though it had been slain … (Revelation 21:22-23; 22:5; 5:6)

Yes, the geometry, shape, orientation, constructive materials all seem to prove the perfect planning and execution of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids as a truly artificial complex – and of further interest is the “shadow” of the Pyramid of the Sun perfectly covering the Pyramid of the Moon just before the sunset each August 20.

The Heights of All Three Pyramids…

If the heights of all three pyramids – Sun, Moon and Dragon – are reliable as 220m + 190m + 90m (in that order) then the total is 500m or 1,640 feet * 12” = 236,160” which “digit sums” to a total of “18” which is a reflection of the New Jerusalem and most interestingly “appears” as 23616 which is both “216” and “36” whereby we may discern that the “216” reflects the “216” fractal/resemblance of the diameter of the Moon (2,160 miles), the circumference of the Nautical Earth at 21,600 Nautical Miles, the Name of God or 72 * 3 = 216 and the very one-twelfth of the Great Precessional of the Equinox of the Mazzaroth/Zodiac’s 25,920 years / 12 = 2,160 years.

The “36” which is demonstrated, of course, is reflection of the Eternal God as in a 360° circle which has no beginning nor ending.

A read of Philip Coppens “Unearthing Europe’s Oldest Pyramid Complex” summarizes in good measure the present and on-going conflict over the Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids; however, Coppens has done a somewhat major controversial compilation in his text:  The New Pyramid Age.

If indeed there are such pyramid structures in places like China, the Pacific Island, elsewhere in Africa, Europe and throughout Asia, as well as further structures in Latin America – then we could be in for quite the ride and reassessment of WHAT WERE THESE ANCIENT PEOPLE DOING building all these monuments all over the world – and all around the same time?

I cannot fathom why they would not have been in contact with each other somehow – for the math continues to produce these astounding configurations worthy of the New Jerusalem – and to do so repeatedly and with great variety, all attesting to that heavenly City, the New Jerusalem, descending from heaven to earth.

I am absolutely affirmative in concluding that what is happening here is that ultimate and eternal reflection whose measurements change not but are replicated throughout the Earth in these amazing structures in their immediate dimensions and in their logistical settings upon the Earth (coordinates) and even in their distances from one another … far too much happenstance going on here to persuade any intelligent thinking person to assume such a myriad of coincidence at work upon the Earth in this manner.

Is there then a “divine pattern” and ipso facto a communication of ancient measurements so conceived and orchestrated by peoples all over the Neolithic Earth attempting to convey a reality which gave them almost unlimited energy – so it would appear – to ceaselessly generate human enthusiasm to inordinately spend countless years constructing these unbelievable structures ubiquitously found in stone with such variety of disposition but all attesting to the same dimensions of Paradise and being held in subjection to the dimensions of the Sacred Cubit (i.e., “21” or 2.1’ or 25.20” or 252) – for this “2112” grid appears so repetitious that we simply cannot overlook its ubiquity as well?

May I leave you with this challenging passage from Sacred Canon?

“Yes if you cry out for discernment, and lift up your voice for understanding, if you seek her as silver, and search for her as for hidden treasures; then you will understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.”

(Proverbs 2:3-5)


Viewing the Great Circle drawn among the three pyramids – Pyramid of the Sun, Moon and Dragon – I was still not absolutely confirmed in my logistics and felt that what was needed would be a „platform or grid“ upon which the „squaring of the circle“ could confirm the „Sacred Geometry“ of the entire site. If we could construct such a grid/platform which would echo the Dimensions of Paradise, then a resounding attestation of the site would be altogether noteworthy.

The question, of course, was partially answered in that the 8,221.5 foot “diameter of the circle” based upon the measurements between the various pyramids had already been completed and we knew that the 8221.5 feet divided by the dimensions of the Sacred Cubit (i.e., 2.1 feet or 25.20 Inches) had already yielded 3,915 Sacred Cubits (no remainder).

However, I had not yet designed a grid for such a measurement – it was virtually impossible to do so starting from the Imperial Foot – but the Sacred Cubit paved the way!

The grid is exceedingly prophetic in its expression in that it is 45 x 45. The „45“ from the prophet Daniel bespeaks of the 1,335 days or „45 days“ beyond` the „1,290 days of desolation“ – or, put another way, upon the termination of the „days of desolation“ – i.e., 1,290th day – then there will be 45 days of BLESSING „unto the 1,335th day or 1,290 days + 45 days = 1,335 days.

I know all this is exceedingly complicated; however, the number „45“ is EXCEEDINGLY POTENT IN ITS IMPORT and is literally the time of the Coming of Messiah to the Earth bringing BLESSING and HARMONY among peoples! Daniel 12:12 states: „BLESSED IS HE WHO WAITS, AND COMES TO THE ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE DAYS“ –

Why? Because the „Sun of Righteousness“ has come with „Healing in His Wings“ – bringing Peace to Humankind!

Now, you see how incredibly important „45“ is! Therefore, 3,915 S.C. / 45 = 87 S.C. – therefore, each of the 45 * 45 = 2,025 mini-cubes/grid-blocks will be 87 x 87 x 87 x 87 Sacred Cubits in their measurement (Note: 45 * 87 = 3,915 S.C. * 2.1′ = 8,221.5 feet or the Diameter of the Circle which now is being squared and conformed to the Sacred Cubit!

Now, 4 * 87 S.C. = 348 S.C. as a „base“ or four-square little block; however, if each of these individual blocks (all 2,025 of them) is „cubed“ and has 12 edges as does the New Jerusalem Cube – then we find something marvelous – watch: 348 S.C. (4 edges) * 3 (12 edges) = 1,044 Sacred Cubits which is clearly a fractal/resemblance of the „144 Cubits“ Wall of the New Jerusalem according to the Apocalypse 21:17. So, now we have 2,025, 144 Cubited objects – absolutely stunning!

But there’s more. Each of this mini-blocks/grid objects has a diagonal of 123 S.C. * 2 (Crisscrossed = 246 S.C. * 6 faces of a cube = 1,476 S.C. + 1,044 S.C. (the 12-edged perimeter) = a total of 2,520 S.C. which in turn is the fractal/resemblance of the very dimension of the Sacred Cubit – i.e., 25.20″ or 2520 = 2520. Astonishing!

So, with 2,520 S.C. per cubed mini-block/grid * 2.1 Feet (the Sacred Cubit measurement) = 5292 Feet * 12″ = 63,504″ which „digit sums“ to „18“ which is the „18“ of the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement and also presents „9“ (Sun of Righteousness or 6 + 3 = 9) and Plato’s Optimal Number for Societal Harmony which is 5040 and seen n the „504“ in this calculation – of course, we can extrapolate these figures into the entire grid of some 2,025 mini-blocks; which in turn keeps coming up with „9“ and „18“ etc.

However, the entire dimension of the Great Circle and the Squaring thereof on this 45 x 45 grid is very significant in that 45 * 4 (square) = 180 in and of itself! So the perimeter of the entire „complex“ or square projects the main dimension of the 12-edged cube of the New Jerusalem which is „18“ (i.e., 18,000 miles – which in turn * 5,280 feet in one mile = 95,040,000 feet which is in miles the distance between the Earth and the Sun at apogee – its furthest distance in orbit). Now, when the entire „45 grid“ is „cubed“ – which is a staggering undertaking, by the way, it produces something quite remarkable: 45 * 12 = 540 which, again, is Plato’s „5040“ and his Optimal Number for Societal Harmony in his Magnesia which juxtaposed to Atlantis is akin to the New Jerusalem vs. Babylon, that Great City!

But here’s the mind-numbing part of all this: Since we know that each of the 2025 mini-blocks cubes (i.e., their 12-edged dimension and with their 12 diagonal measurements) total 2,520 Sacred Cubits (linear) – then 45 * 45 * 45 * 2520 would give us a three-dimensional wonderment! Let’s try it: – and it totals 229,635,000 Linear Sacred Cubits * 2.1 Feet (number of feet in 1 S.C.) = 482,233,500 Feet * 12″ = 5,786,802,000 Inches = a „digit sum“ of „36“ which is a fractal/resemblance to the 360 degrees in a circle – and so, the SQUARE is the CIRCLE!

You have perhaps one of the most fascinating expressions of the New Jerusalem on the face of the planet! The Giza Necropolis likewise generates this enthusiasm with the Sacred Cubit in that I affirm that the base edges of the Great Pyramid of Giza (per 4 base edge of perimeter) are 756 feet * 4 = 3,024 feet and that this is the actual measurement the four-square Giza Necropolis – i.e., it is 3,024′ x 3,024′ x 3,024′ x 3,024′ – a perfect square

(inclusive of the three major pyramids). Consider: 3,024 feet / 2.1′ (the Sacred Cubit) = 1,440 Sacred Cubits – which is precisely what the Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia conforms to. Therefore, at Giza each side is truly a reflection of the „144 cubit“ Wall of the New Jerusalem.

If the „zero“ is dropped from the calculation we have instead of 1,440 S.C. but „144“ – and 144 * 12 (edges of a cube) = 1,728 which is 12 * 12 * 12 =1,728 and this is the „standard cube“ configuration duly noted in the Giza Necropolis. Naturally, the New Jerusalem eliminates zero (12,000 furlongs) and simply conforms to 12 by 12 on each of its six faces and therefore 12 * 12 = 144 * 6 faces = 864 and this „864“ is the perfect fractal/resemblance to the sun’s 864,000 mile diameter.

Notwithstanding these sterling confirmations at Giza – the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids has its most unusual dynamic and thriving possibilities insofar as Paradise concerns. Imagine – out of such a tragedy and war comes this MASTERPIECE OF RESURRECTION, Hope, Inspiration, and truly a CITY SET ON A HILL which cannot be hid!

These calculations are extremely vibrant and are not „forced“ nor contrived – they are what they are because the measurements were made by GPS/others and all I have done is insert the Dimensions of Paradise into the equation.

May the Creator’s great blessing be with you as you pursue this most worthy endeavor.

Doug Krieger