Die Pyramiden in Bosnien – Wissen zu den geheimnisvollen Orten der Kraft

Bosnische Pyramiden ein Abbild der Elysium Pyramiden auf dem Mars?

Nun, es liegt die Vermutung nahe, dass diese Pyramiden in Bosnien nach einer Vorlag der Elysium Pyramiden auf dem Mars konzipiert wurden.

Well, it turns out that these Pyramids in Bosnia are an analogue for the Elysium Pyramids on Mars

Mit etwas Hilfe von Google Earth sehen wir, dann die Pyramidenkonstellation einander sehr ähnelt.

With a little help from Google Earth we can see that the Pyramids align with each other.

Both groups of Pyramids have one large pyramid, a middle sized pyramid and a small pyramid and both form equilateral triangles.

Die Wasserströme der Pyramiden.

Sie treffen sich inmitten des Dreiecks im kraftvollsten Energiezentrum.

The Sun, Moon and Dragon Pyramid form an equilateral triangle.
Each of the three pyramids has an underground channel of water coming from it. These channels all meet in the centre of the triangle.

It is not by chance the groundwaters meet in this location.
The whole area around the pyramids has been engineered.
The river bed running through Visoko is actually made from the same material as what the pyramids are constructed of.
The area sits on huge megalithic blocks and geophys has determined that below these blocks are cavities. We could be dealing with something a lot bigger than just Pyramids.

Where these 3 channels of water meet there maybe an underground reservoir of some kind.